• Village Overview

    Village Overview

    The Village of Theresa is located on Highway 175 on the picturesque Rock River, approximately seventeen miles south of Fond du Lac and forty miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

    In recent years, the Village has begun to flourish, with three new subdivisions and a Land Lease Community.  The area has also developed industrially with several new businesses in town. 

    POPULATION: 1254



    Village of Theresa Village Hall
    202 South Milwaukee Street
    P.O. Box 327
    Theresa, Wisconsin 53091-9665

    (920) 488 - 5421

    VILLAGE HALL HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Unless otherwise posted)

    BOARD MEETINGS: 1st Monday of every month at 7 p.m.

Village of Theresa 
Public Notice

N   O   T   I    C   E

Are You Interested in Becoming Involved in Your Community?

Here's Your Chance...

The Village of Theresa is currently looking for a "Village Resident" who would be willing and able to serve as a "Village" representative on the Joint Theresa Ambulance Service Committee.  This committee reports to the Village of Theresa and Town of Theresa and generally meets on a quarterly or as needs basis.  Members serving as a "Village" representative on any standing committee shall receive $20.00 for attendance at each meeting.  A medical background is not necessary to serve on this committee. 

The committee is responsible for budgeting, rate schedule, maintenance supervision and billing and collecting procedures.  The function of the committee is to server in the best interest of the Theresa Ambulance Service by supporting the service and developing a professional and reliable form of medical care for the citizens and visitors in the area for which it serves.

Residents interested in serving as a "Village" representative on the Joint Theresa Ambulance Service Committee should stop by the Village Hall (202 S. Milwaukee Street) or download and print the form shown below to obtain a committee membership application.  Completed membership applications must be submitted to the Village Clerk by Wednesday December 29, 2015.

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW
Clerk - Treasurer
Village of Theresa
(920) 488-5421 

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