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Building Inspection - SAFEbuilt

Phone: (262) 364-9597

You can find permits here: Forms & Permits

ALL INSPECTIONS MUST BE REQUESTED BY 4 PM FOR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Inspection Line (262) 420-4732 or [email protected]

Do I need a permit? In most cases, you probably do! Contact the Village building inspector first, then begin your project!

Types of work requiring a permit include: new structures including sheds; install or replace fencing, siding, windows, skylights; relocate or replace fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces or air conditioners; remodel or relocate walls, plumbing fixtures, windows or subfloor; construct or replace deck or swimming pool; upgrade electric service equipment or added circuitry; furnaces and/or air conditioners; electrical service upgrade; roof; siding.

This is not a complete list. Please call Doc Leonard with questions or concerns.


To meet with the building inspector, please call (262) 364-9597 to schedule an appointment. If you are contemplating any type of construction project, be sure to check with the building inspector to see what zoning and construction codes might apply and to purchase any required permits. If permits are not obtained in a timely fashion, double fees will be assessed!



Doc Leonard
Village Inspector
Phone: (262) 364-9597