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Village of Theresa

Utility Bills Quarter 2 2023

After an internal audit of all Utility Accounts, rate discrepancies were found. If you see an amount in “Past Due” it was a discrepancy and you are not charged late fees on the amount. A number with a   (example 59.20-) means it was credited to your account. A normal number (example 16.00) means it was owed. No accounts owe more than $16.00. If you have questions once you receive your postcard bill, please call Becky at 920-488-5421 or email [email protected]

Quarterly Utility Bills are always issued at the end of each quarter and are due on the 20th of the following month. So, 2nd Quarter Bills will be sent June 29 or 30 and are due to the Village of Theresa on July 20. If you need to make Payment Arrangements, please contact the Clerk-Treasurer before the due date. (Becky at 920-488-5421 or email [email protected])