Sanitary Sewer Overflow: Due to 6 inches of rain in a short period of time on the evening of 7-23-22 the Village of Theresa experienced a sanitary sewer overflow at our main lift station on Wisconsin Street.  This resulted in untreated wastewater to be pumped to the rock river for approximately 2.6 hours.

Village of Theresa

Fire Flow Study

We are performing a fire flow study in the village.  This requires us to open selected fire hydrants to document flow pressure and rate.  The sudden flow change can stir up sediment that settles in the main causing it to be cloudy or yellow/orange.  It is safe to use and drink but we suggest running the cold water until it clears up because it might have a funny taste and could stain clothes etc.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Corey Clark, Director of Public Works
920-488-4003, [email protected]