On a positive note!: This message was sent to the Village.  The name has been removed. I just wanted to say thank you for the job being done in our neighborhood with snow removal.  I really appreciate how quickly they work on it and the effort they make to not plow snow from the road into my driveway.  At my mom's house in Waukesha, when the plow trucks come through, she will easily have half of her approach filled back up with snow and ice from the road because they just push it along without an apparent care in the world.  It's sometimes a knee high pile!  Surely a little snow pushing in the driveway is to be expected, but the difference between what happens there and what y'all are doing here is quite obvious.     I'm very grateful for the great job y'all are doing!  Thank you again! 

Village of Theresa

Fire Flow Study

We are performing a fire flow study in the village.  This requires us to open selected fire hydrants to document flow pressure and rate.  The sudden flow change can stir up sediment that settles in the main causing it to be cloudy or yellow/orange.  It is safe to use and drink but we suggest running the cold water until it clears up because it might have a funny taste and could stain clothes etc.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Corey Clark, Director of Public Works
920-488-4003, [email protected]