SSO: Due to a break in our sanitary sewer force main on 6-22-21 we endured a sanitary sewer overflow.  The break was repaired the same day.  Untreated wastewater did flow onto the grass and into the Rock River until the break was isolated and repaired.

Village of Theresa

Water Service Outage

A water main break has occured in fron of 405 N. Milwaukee st.  The break will be repaired March 3rd starting at 7AM.  Please avoid driving on North Milwaukee st. during this repair for the safety of you and the workers.  The repair will also be made faster with less traffic.  Additionally sometime after approximatley 7:30 AM the water will need to be turned off for the repair.  If all goes well this will take approximately 1-2 hours.  The area affected will be residents located between and including 302-502 North Milwaukee st.  We appoligize for the inconvienence and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Corey Clark, Director of Public Works