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Village of Theresa

Village of Theresa Ordinance Amendments


Village of Theresa

Dodge County, Wisconsin

I hereby certify that the proposed amendments to the following ordinance have been introduced at the Regular Meeting of the Village of Theresa Board of Trustees on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 and will be placed as an agenda item for adoption at the Regular Meeting of the Theresa Village Board of Trustees on Monday, August 3, 2020. The complete proposed amendments and/or additions to the ordinances are available for viewing on the website at www.villageoftheresa.com or at the Theresa Village Hall: 202 S Milwaukee St, Theresa, Wisconsin.


Chapter 337 – Vehicles and Traffic – Section 33 – Parking Generally

  • Section 337-20 (C) – All-night parking prohibited; alternate parking
  • Section 337-20 (D) – Other parking limits

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW

Village Clerk – Treasurer

Proposed Amendment – as passed by VB – July 7, 2020

Village of Theresa

Municipal Ordinance Update


Chapter 337   Vehicle and Traffic


337-20(C)  All-night parking prohibited; alternate parking:



  1. No person, except EMS, police and physicians on emergency calls, shall park any vehicle for a period of time longer than 30 minutes between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. of any day between November 15 and April 1 on Milwaukee Street from the north Village limits to the south Village limits. 



  1. On all other streets, there shall be alternate parking as follows: on days having even calendar numbers parking will be on the side of the street with even house numbers, and on odd-numbered days parking shall be on the side of the street with odd house numbers. 


                                                                                          (NEW SUB SECTION)

  1. A winter parking permit is required for any overnight street parking of vehicles. The cost of a season permit is prescribed in Chapter 167, Fees. Permit holders are responsible for abiding by alternate parking rules. 


Winter parking permits are valid only for the specific vehicle that it is issued for it. The person requesting a permit must own the vehicle, and reside at the same residential dwelling unit as listed on the vehicle’s registration. Permitted vehicles shall be parked in the area of that specific location. Permits shall be limited to only (2)-two per each residential dwelling unit.  Registered owner/s not residing at the address as listed for the vehicle shall not be eligible for a winter parking permit. Trailers are not eligible for winter parking permits per restrictions of Chapter 337-20 D (2).


Proposed amendments –as approved by VB – July 7, 2020

Village of Theresa

Municipal Ordinance Updates

Chapter 337   Vehicle and Traffic

337-20(D) Other parking limits:


  1.  Vehicle parking shall be limited to a maximum total of three hours   on Milwaukee Street between Henni Street to the south and the Rock River Bridge to the north.                (UNCHANGED)                                             


  1. Prohibited act: No motor vehicle hauling trailer whether loaded with a vehicle or empty or attached or unattached shall be parked on any street or highway in the Village of Theresa.       (NEW AMENDMENT)


  1.  Prohibited act: No snowmobile type trailer, camper, boat or similar   type of hauled device, or other recreational vehicle, ‘shall be parked unattached ‘on any street or highway in the Village of Theresa.  (NEW AMENDMENT)


  1. Recreational type trailers as listed in sub-(3) may be parked for up to three-(3) hours on a street or highway in the village providing the trailer is attached onto a vehicle.       (NEW AMENDMENT)


(A) For the clarification and definition of ‘moved’ for this ordinance, the vehicle and trailer are required to have been moved, (As in left the street/area it was parked in. Driving the vehicle/trailer up a few inches or feet does not constitute a legitimate change of venue in regards to a violation occurring).                                                     (NEW AMENDMENT)



  1. Violations of these sub-sections may be issued to the owner and/or the person who oversees or is directing the trailer to be parked on the street in violation of this ordinance.                       (NEW AMENDMENT)         

  1. Exceptions to the above provisions in section (4) would be a special exemption request by the registered owner of the vehicle to the police department. Permission could be issued for a maximum limit of up to three days per calendar month. This would be approved once the request is verified that the requester is the registered owner or they are doing so on the behalf of a guest parking such things as an attached recreational type trailers; such as a snowmobile, 4-wheeler, boat and camper. 

In the event a construction project has been verified with a valid municipal building permit. Other expanded considerations can be made based on the needs of the property owner/contractor and contingent upon meeting the good faith parameters and guidelines of the ordinance. Each request will be tracked locally in-house utilizing our agencies software management system of the county. (NEW AMENDMENT)