SSO: Due to a break in our sanitary sewer force main on 6-22-21 we endured a sanitary sewer overflow.  The break was repaired the same day.  Untreated wastewater did flow onto the grass and into the Rock River until the break was isolated and repaired.

Village of Theresa

Sewer Lateral Repair/Replacement

For detailed information regarding


Sewer Lateral repair and/OR replacement”


Click on the Resources Tab 


Scroll down and Click on


‘Village of Theresa Code of Ordinances’


Search for Code Section 280-14


“Sewer Lateral Inspection Requirements”


Please contact the Village Director of Public Works, Nate Bodden by calling (920) 488-4003 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this ordinance.


Or, feel free to attend a monthly Village Board Meeting.  Meetings are held at the Village Hall on the 1st Monday of every Month at 7pm


Pamela Koll, Village Clerk – Treasurer