The following meeting was held at the Theresa Village Hall, 202 S. Milwaukee Street Theresa, Wisconsin



Monday February 6, 2017

These minutes to be approved by the Village Board at the March 6, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting

President Marsh called the Regular Monthly Board Meeting to order at 7:00pm. The following Board Members were present: Tr. Koll, Tr. Palecek, Tr. Koenigs, Tr. Steger and Tr. Marsh. Tr. Brandenburg was excused. Others present: C. Krall, W. Stanke, J. Jacak, Director of Public Works N. Bodden and Clerk-Treasurer P. Koll


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Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Citizen Comments:

  • None

Special Appearance(s):

  • None

Consent Agenda:

  • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve the minutes from the January 4, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting and January 25, 2017 Public Informational Meeting as presented.   Motion carried.

Clerk-Treasurer Report

Monthly Report by, Clerk – Treasurer P. Koll

  • Village and Utility Audits were performed on Monday January 30, 2017 – all went extremely well.
  • Spring Primary scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 21st
  • Motion by Tr. Koenigs, seconded by Tr. Koll to not allow any type of business to post information or advertisement on the Village website. Motion carried.
  • Previous operator located at 214 N. Milwaukee Street recently released the liquor licenses associated with this business location.
  • Various concerns from residents related to waste and recycling pick up were discussed; delays in pick-up experienced in the village within the past few weeks were due to inclement weather conditions.
  • Future agenda item(s);
    • Amendment(s) to the village fence ordinance.

Village President Report:

Monthly Report by President Marsh

  • Legislative updates were discussed.
  • Village board is interested in having a rep from Ehler’s and Assoc. present at a Special Meeting sometime in May or June to discuss municipal borrowing; Clerk will check on rep availability.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.

Library Board Report:

Monthly Report by, President Marsh

  • None

Public Safety Committee:

Monthly Report by Tr. Marsh

  • Monthly police report was reviewed and discussed.
  • Police department received at $4,000 grant from the Dept. of Transportation Safety.
    • Department is looking into the possibility of purchasing portable breath testers and body cameras.
  • Motion by Tr. Koll, seconded by Tr. Marsh to approve cellphone reimbursement to Officer Ries per village policy and to grant Officer Ries a one-time reimbursement payment in the amount of $1,100 for official police related business use of his personal cellphone during the past year. Motion carried.

Regular Village Board Meeting – February 6, 2017

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Public Safety Committee Continued;

  • Fire Department Report was given by Chief W. Stanke.
  • Future agenda item(s);
    • Cellphone reimbursement; delay of request

Public Works Committee:

Monthly Report by, Tr. Palecek

  • ‘DRAFT’ amendments to ordinance Section 280-14 “Sewer Lateral Inspection Requirements” were briefly discussed; committee will continue to work on this item.
  • Purchase/funding of new DPW equipment was discussed; Director of Public Works to obtain cost estimates for new skid-steer.
  • Request for an additional driveway approach for the property located at 617 McArthur Rd. was briefly discussed; property owner was instructed to follow variance procedure as stated in Village Code of Ordinances.
  • Scope of services with Strand Engineering regarding the phosphorus removal was discussed; Task Order No. 17-01 in the amount of $22,500 was approved by the Committee.
  • No action taken or discussion at this time regarding farming and harvesting within Village limits.
  • Monthly DPW Report was reviewed.
  • Future agenda items
    • Equipment - skid-steer purchase
    • Farming/harvesting within Village limits
    • Amendments to ordinance section 280-14 – Sewer Lateral Inspection Requirements

Ambulance Committee Report

  • Financial reports were reviewed.
    • Submission of financial statements from other entities was discussed; Chief W. Stanke will remind the Fire Commission to submit quarterly statements to the Village.

Community Development Committee

Report given Chairman Tr. Koll

  • Special Meeting tentatively scheduled for March 16th at 6:30pm; to meet with Keller Structures regarding new municipal building.

Parks Committee:

Monthly Report given by, Tr. Palecek

  • None

Finance/Personnel Committee:

Report by Pres. Marsh (Tr. Brandenburg excused)

  • Motion by Tr. Steger seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve payment of the bills in the amount of: $694,794.69 for the Village and $9,516.99 for the Utility.       Motion carried by roll call vote.
  • Review Monthly Treasurer’s Report – no discussion at this time regarding the transfer of funds from utility general fund.
  • Reviewed Bank Reconciliations.
  • Summary of Revenues / Expenditures Compared to Budget Report was reviewed; few items in question.
  • Pledged securities report from TSB was reviewed.
  • Discussion took place regarding current worker’s comp rating; increased rating mainly increase in Civil Defense payroll; per R&R Insurance.
  • Motion by Pres. Marsh, seconded by Tr. Koenigs to approve minutes from the January 19, 2017 Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting. Motion carried.

Regular Village Board Meeting – February 6, 2017

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Finance Committee Continued:

  • Future agenda item(s):
    • Discuss account details and concerns related to the Summary of Revenues / Expenditures Compared to Budget Report.

Unfinished Business

  • None

New Business:

  • Information related to the appointment of Fire Commission member; per notice from Committee President H. Weise was discussed; several members of the Village Board expressed interest in possibly disbanding the Fire Commission; this item will be placed on the March 6th meeting agenda for discussion and potential consideration.


  • None


  • Motion by Tr. Koll, seconded by Tr. Palecek to adjourn the meeting at 8:24pm. Motion carried.

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW

Village Clerk- Treasurer

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