The following meeting was held at the Theresa Village Hall, 202 S. Milwaukee Street Theresa, Wisconsin



Monday May 1, 2017

These were approved by the Village Board at the June 5, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting


President Marsh called the Regular Monthly Board Meeting to order at 7:00pm. The following Board Members were present: Tr. Polster, Tr. Palecek, Tr. Koenigs, Tr. Brandenburg, Tr. Steger and Tr. Marsh. Others present:

  1. Stanke, M. Elack, Casey Schwartz, Director of Public Works N. Bodden and Clerk-Treasurer P. Koll.


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Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Citizen Comments:

  • Village Board was informed that the tornado warning siren located on Tower Lane is not working.


Special Appearance(s):

  • None


Consent Agenda:

  • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Marsh to approve the minutes from the April 3, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting and April 3, 2017 Public Hearing/ Special Village Board Meeting as presented.       Motion carried.


Clerk-Treasurer Report

Monthly Report by, Clerk – Treasurer P. Koll

  • Information from UW Extension regarding the impact that the grasslands decision has on Dodge County was reviewed and discussed.
  • UW Extension is offering workshops for new and continuing board members; interested board members should contact the Village Clerk.
  • Board of Review training DVD available for board members to view.
  • Preliminary Village and Utility audits are available for board member review.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Village President Report:

Monthly Report by President Marsh

  • Legislative updates were discussed.
  • Motion by Tr. Marsh, seconded by Tr. Steger to approve committee assignments as presented. Motion carried.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Library Board Report:

Monthly Report by, President Marsh

  • Information from April 11, 2017 Library Board Meeting was reviewed.


Public Safety Committee:

Monthly Report by Tr. Marsh

  • Police Department Report was given by Officer Ries
  • Fire Department Report was given by Chief Stanke
  • Discussion took place regarding Village Ordinance 303-12 as it relates to the enforcement of unlawful dumping of grass, leaves, etc. on public streets; enforcement of Village Ordinance 337-14 Parking Restrictions and 337-20(c) Parking – Overnight Parking Prohibited, Alternate Parking; the committee is interested in possibly increasing parking ticket fee; police department will work in conjunction with the DPW to address the problem related to grass clippings being blown into the street and on sidewalks.

Regular Village Board Meeting – May 1, 2017

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Public Safety Continued:

  • Future agenda items
    • Fee associated with parking tickets


Public Works Committee:

Monthly Report by, Tr. Palecek

  • ‘DRAFT’ amendments to ordinance Section 280-14 “Sewer Lateral Inspection Requirements” were discussed.
    • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve the draft ordinance pending a minor date correction and to present the amended ordinance to the village board for final approval and publication (at the June 5, 2017 Reg. Board Meeting). Motion carried by show of hands vote; 5 Yes votes - 2 No votes (Tr. Koenigs, Pres. Marsh).
  • Director of Public Works provided an update on the purchase of a skid-loader.
  • No discussion or action taken at this time regarding farming and harvesting within Village limits.
  • Discussion took place pertaining to a new hire for Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Public Works Employee;
    • Motion by Tr. Brandenburg, seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve the hiring of C. Clark, pending required background and drug testing. Motion carried.
  • The condition of N. Menomonee Street was discussed; maintenance performed.
  • Village will have weeds treated at River’s Edge Park, Willow Park, front part of Fireman’s Park, and Public Library.
  • Phosphorus removal – service agreement extension was discussed;
    • Brandenburg made and withdrew a motion to approve the service agreement extension with Strand Associates; Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Brandenburg to enter into a ‘new’ two (2) year service agreement with Strand Associates with a termination date of May, 2019. Motion carried.
  • DPW Report was reviewed.
  • Future agenda items
    • Farming/harvesting within Village limits
    • Amendments to ordinance section 280-14 – Sewer Lateral Inspection Requirements


Ambulance Committee Report

  • Theresa Ambulance Service Quarterly Financial Statement was discussed and reviewed.


Community Development Committee

Report given Chairman Tr. Steger

  • None


Parks Committee:

Monthly Report given by, Tr. Palecek

  • None

Finance/Personnel Committee:

Report by Tr. Brandenburg

  • Motion by Tr. Steger seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve payment of the bills in the amount of: $102,982.44 for the Village and $15,260.26 for the Utility.       Motion carried.
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.
  • Bank Reconciliations were reviewed.
  • Summary of Revenues / Expenditures Compared to Budget Report was discussed.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time

Regular Village Board Meeting – May, 1 2017

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Unfinished Business

  • None


New Business:

  • Motion by Tr. Brandenburg, seconded by Tr. Palecek to approve Professional Services Agreement between the Village and SAFEbuilt. Motion carried.



*Theresa American Legion Pancake Breakfast – Sunday May 7th from 8am -12:30pm

at the Theresa Learning Center (Theresa Public School)

*Theresa Fire Department Open House

Saturday May 20th from 10am – 3pm at the Theresa Fire House – 302 Depot Rd.



  • Motion by Tr. Palecek, seconded by Tr. Marsh to adjourn the meeting at 7:55pm. Motion carried.

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW

Village Clerk- Treasurer

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