The following meeting was held at the Theresa Village Hall, 202 S. Milwaukee Street Theresa, Wisconsin



Monday October 2, 2017

These minutes to be approved by the Village Board at the November 6, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting

President Marsh called the Regular Monthly Board Meeting to order at 7:00pm. The following Board Members were present: Tr. Polster, Tr. Palecek, Tr. Koenigs, Tr. Brandenburg, Tr. Steger and Tr. Marsh.  Director of Public Works N. Bodden and Clerk-Treasurer P. Koll were also in attendance.

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Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Roll call was taken


Citizen Comments:

  • None


Special Appearance(s):

  • Representative from Advanced Disposal was present by request from the Village Board to discuss various issues related to waste and recycling pick up.


Consent Agenda:

  • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Marsh to approve the minutes from September 11, 2017 Regular Village Board Meeting and the September 25, 2017 Joint Budget Meeting as presented.   Motion carried unanimously.


Clerk-Treasurer Report

Monthly Report by, Clerk – Treasurer P. Koll

  • Motion by Tr. Steger, seconded by Tr. Palecek to increase minimum percentage due on delinquent sewer & water utility bills/accounts from 25% to 50%. Motion carried unanimously.
  • New election equipment is expected to be delivered to Dodge County on September 28th, with Clerk’s being scheduled to pick up the equipment mid to late October.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Village President Report:

Monthly Report by President Marsh

  • Legislative updates were discussed.
  • Village President provided an Overview of Small Community Forum
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Library Board Report:

Monthly Report by, President Marsh

  • None


Public Safety Committee:

Monthly Report by Tr. Marsh

  • At 6:20pm during the Public Safety Committee Meeting roll call vote was taken to convene into Closed Session to discuss pending litigation; pursuant to State Statute 19-85(1)(g). 
    • The Committee reconvened into open session at 6:40pm.
  • Police Department Activity Report was reviewed.
  • Fire Department Report was reviewed.
    • Chief Stanke announced that the Theresa Fire Department was awarded a 2016 FEMA Grant for the purchase of a new tender (tanker truck).
  • No future agenda were items discussed at this time.

Regular Village Board Meeting – October 2, 2017

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Public Works Committee:

Monthly Report by, Tr. Steger

  • Motion by Tr. Brandenburg, seconded by Tr. Marsh to approve the proposal/agreement with Kin-X construction for snow removal services.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Update regarding deregulating the Theresa Sewer Utility was provided.
  • Director of Public Works to obtain cost associated with possibly paving of Menomonee Street.
  • DPW Report was reviewed.
  • Future agenda item(s)
    • Street lights


Ambulance Committee Report

  • None


Community Development Committee

Report given Chairman Tr. Steger

  • None


Parks Committee:

Monthly Report given by, Tr. Palecek

  • None


Finance/Personnel Committee:

Report by Tr. Brandenburg

  • Motion by Tr. Steger seconded by Tr. Polster to approve payment of the bills in the amount of: $63,826.96 for the Village and $9,958.61 for the Utility.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.
  • Bank Reconciliation Report was reviewed.
  • Summary of Revenues / Expenditures Compared to Budget Report was reviewed.
  • No future agenda items discussed at this time.


Unfinished Business:

  • Update on amended building permit fees; no public hearing required to following through with this action, per village legal counsel.


New Business:

  • Motion by Tr. Marsh, seconded by Tr. Polster to approve Resolution 705-2017 – Request Exemption from Dodge County Library Tax per Wisconsin State Statute 43.64(2)(b). Motion carried unanimously.
  • Motion by Tr. Marsh, seconded by Tr. Polster to approve Resolution 706-2017 – Joint Powers Agreement – County 911 System.  Motion carried unanimously.



Theresa American Legion Auxiliary Vendor Fair

Sunday October 14th – at Theresa Elementary Learning Center



  • Motion by Tr. Palecek, seconded by Tr. Steger to adjourn the meeting at 7:56pm. Motion carried.

Pamela Koll, CMC, WCMC, CMTW

Village Clerk- Treasurer

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