Village of Theresa - Part Time Police Officer Position

Responsibilities: General police functions including patrol, processing calls for service, ordinance, traffic enforcement, maintaining public peace, protecting life and property, investigating criminal law violations, and working at the direction of the chief of police in providing community oriented policing.

Qualifications: Good verbal and written communication skills; React quickly and effectively to stressful situations; Able to work with minimal backup or support officers; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; Clear and concise speech; Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; Ability to perform essential assignments of a police officer, Ability to efficiently use all standard law enforcement and office equipment, investigate complaints, process arrests,complete detailed through type reports, and effectively testify in court. Ability to possess a firearm, No felony convictions; No domestic abuse convictions; Vision correctable to 20120; High School diploma, Minimum 60 college credits; U.S Citizen, Valid driver's license, Good driving
record, Good physical condition, Currently certified or has received law enforcement training and is currently eligible for certification by the State of Wisconsin's Law enforcement Training & Standards Bureau.

Application process: May include the following: written exam, physical fitness/ agility screening, oral interviews, medical & vision examination, psychological profile, drug screening, polygraph test and a detailed background investigation. Applicants are required to submit a complete application package which shall include: Cover letter, State of Wisconsin application Form DJLE 330, with (3) application questions answered; Resume, copy of driver's license, copy of birth certificate, copy of High School & College Transcripts'.

Contact: Michael P. Simmons, Chief of Police Theresa Police Department
2025. Milwaukee Street, Theresa, Wl 53091
(920) 488-4444


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